Moab Master Leasing Plan

Moab is surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in Utah and the American Southwest — renowned for their recreation opportunities and potential for oil, gas, and mineral development. In an effort to assess current and future land uses, including energy development, the Bureau of Land Management launched its Moab Master Leasing Plan (MLP) process. The BLM’s planning effort will prepare the MLP, amendments to the Moab and Monticello Resource Management Plans, and an Environmental Impact Statement. The MLP process will provide additional planning and analysis prior to new leasing of oil and gas and potash within the Planning Area.

In an effort to support this community conversation and collaborative process, the Keystone Policy Center facilitated two Moab Master Leasing Plan Stakeholder Mapping workshops in 2014 that were independent of the BLM’s formal process. Keystone’s workshops brought together private sector and NGO stakeholders to share and discuss map data layers reflecting their conservation, recreation, and energy and mineral development interests within the Moab MLP area. The workshops enabled participants to better understand the various concerns and interests held by each stakeholder.

Keystone’s work resulted in a final report [PDF], finished in April 2014, outlining the various stakeholders’ interests and perspectives on issues — areas of agreement and disagreement — ahead of the BLM’s formal process.

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