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The Keystone Policy Center has extensive experience working on environmental policy and facilitating dialogues at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels. In each case, Keystone Policy Center staff have confronted challenging issues, fostered complex policy dialogues, and helped participants find common higher ground.

Our expert staff’s work on environmental policy has involved some of the most important issues of our time, including climate change, collaborative resource management, ecosystem and watershed management, natural resource protection, water quality and supply issues, sustainable agriculture, green marketing, resource development, and pollinator health.

Learn more about our featured projects below and review our past work in this area.

Featured Projects

The Next 100 Coalition

Keystone is providing policy insights and facilitation in support of the Next 100 Coalition — a broad-based effort to ensure our public lands are engaging and serving all segments of the American people. The Coalition brings together leaders from faith-based, civil rights, community, and environmental justice groups to establish a more inclusive approach to management of our nation’s parks and public lands over the next 100 years. Keystone is supporting the Coalition’s efforts to work constructively with land management agencies, environmental and nongovernmental organizations, and the public, to include perspectives from an increasingly diverse national constituency in the policies, workforce, and culture of those organizations. Learn More

Colorado Water and Growth Dialogue

By 2030, Colorado is projected to experience a 65 percent increase in population and with it a substantial increase in demand for water. In a state with limited water, this increase in demand will result in a water supply gap. This impending gap is a well-known and pressing problem for the future of Colorado. Thus far, strategies to address the gap have generally taken three forms: develop new supply and water storage projects; implement reuse projects; and encourage water conservation. The Keystone Policy Center is leading the Colorado Water and Growth Dialogue in an attempt to explore and demonstrate how the integration of water and land use planning should be utilized to reduce water demand from the development and re-development associated with the projected population increase. Learn More

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Given the essential role Lake Huron plays in Michigan and beyond, Keystone partnered with the EPA and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to conduct four, one-day regional meetings during Spring 2015 to discuss restoration progress in the lake’s basin. The meetings also allowed community stakeholders and others to present the good work underway to restore the health of the lake and to hear plans for developing the binational Lake Huron Lakewide Action and Management Plan. Keystone’s work resulted in an extensive report outlining current restoration efforts and opportunities for future collaboration.

South Park Master Leasing Plan

Ahead of the Bureau of Land Management’s South Park Master Leasing Plan (MLP) process, the Keystone Policy Center partnered with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte to host independent workshops regarding the area’s future. The workshops, which convened a diverse group of stakeholders, including ranchers and energy interests, built relationships and trust between the different stakeholders ahead of the planned South Mark MLP. Keystone’s process also created awareness of stakeholder interests and perspectives that may inform leasing decisions on other lands and built knowledge of and access to a common set of data and facts upon which MLP decisions could rely. Learn More

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology — the artificial design and engineering of biological systems and living organisms — offers the potential to address a wide array of public health, ecological, and humanitarian challenges. It also raises important questions related to bioethics, environmental impacts and safety. The Keystone Policy Center is leading discussions with leaders from academia, industry, civil society, and government sectors on this emerging issue. Learn More

EPA Region 8 Wetlands Conference

Keystone is working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to convene its Region 8 Wetlands Conference. Keystone, which has substantial experience in environmental and water policy, is working with the agency to convene NGOs and federal, state, tribal, and local groups to share information and best practices related to wetlands management. Learn More