Keystone Dialogues & Collaboratives
Keystone’s carefully crafted process brings together key thought leaders, decision-makers, and influencers who can forge alliances, make decisions, resolve conflicts, and change the trajectory of challenging issues. Using a diverse array of tools customized to each group’s needs, Keystone helps advance practical, implementable solutions to meet negotiated goals.

Public Engagement & Outreach
Keystone designs and executes public meetings on every scale — from small focus groups to state and regional outreach — to gather input, share information, and illuminate public policy decisions. Keystone provides process design, facilitation, electronic polling, synthesis, and dissemination of results.

Situation Assessments
Keystone designs and conducts qualitative research – e.g., through interviews, focus groups, and analysis – to identify key stakeholders on a pressing issue, assess the specific opportunities for collaborative problem-solving, and determine any challenges in pursuing joint solutions.

Policy Development & Strategic Planning
Keystone convenes diverse coalitions and stakeholders to identify strategic goals and develop dedicated plans to reach those goals. Keystone’s facilitators work with organizations and their constituents to assess the current policy landscape and thoughtfully craft custom roadmaps and benchmarks to achieve progress.

Joint Fact-Finding
Keystone’s team of facilitators and experts help stakeholders frame technical and scientific questions; develop negotiated goals; explore questions of bias, credibility, and neutrality; and apply information to policy questions.