Keystone Collaboratives
The Keystone collaborative approach is a carefully crafted process that brings together key thought leaders, decision-makers, and influencers who can forge alliances, make decisions, resolve conflicts, and change the trajectory of challenging issues. Using a diverse array of tools customized to each groups’ needs, Keystone helps advance practical solutions to meet negotiated goals.

Public Engagement and Outreach
Keystone designs and executes public meetings on every scale — from small focus groups to state and regional outreach — to gather input, share information, and illuminate public policy decisions. Keystone provide process design, facilitation, electronic polling, synthesis, and dissemination of results.

Joint Fact-Finding
Keystone’s team of facilitators and experts help stakeholders frame technical and scientific questions; develop negotiated goals; explore questions of bias, credibility, and neutrality; and apply information to policy questions.

Advisory Boards
Keystone assists companies, nonprofit organizations, and agencies engage in dialogues with their allies and others to help improve operations and create new strategic partnerships.

Training and Leadership Development
Keystone designs and leads executive-level professional development opportunities that demonstrate the power and efficacy of stakeholder outreach, collaborative decision-making, and shared solutions.

What people say about us

“The mission of the Keystone Policy Center is critical to our future. Leaders — in and outside of government — must rise above entrenched positions to reach common higher ground.”
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell
“The Keystone Policy Center is uniquely positioned to guide diverse organizations, industries, and individuals in climbing out of mired and entrenched positions to reach higher common ground. Keystone does this through outstanding individuals with the capacity to build trust and consensus on critical issues, big and small.”
Nancy DeLong, Director Sustainable Agriculture Systems at DuPont Pioneer
“As a member of both the Keystone Energy Board and the Keystone Policy Center’s Board of Trustees, I can say with confidence that Keystone is a top-notch organization that forces me to get out of my utility-mindset and engage in a different level of thinking and discourse. I always come away with a new perspective.”
Doyle Beneby, President and CEO of CPS Energy
“The Keystone Policy Center’s work has been vital to helping the Honey Bee Health Coalition facilitate collaborative projects with agricultural stakeholders and others to address the issues central to honey bee health.”
Michele Colopy, Program Director for the Pollinator Stewardship Council, Inc.