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Coalitions & Collaboratives
Keystone thoughtfully manages multi-stakeholder coalitions that bring together key thought leaders, decision-makers, and influencers who forge alliances, make decisions, resolve conflicts, and change the trajectory of challenging issues. Keystone utilizes a diverse array of tools customized to each group’s needs to help them develop practical, shared solutions that meet mutually agreed upon goals.

Public Engagement & Outreach
Collective action requires meeting people where they are. As such, Keystone designs and executes public meetings on every scale — from small focus groups to state and regional outreach — to gather input, share information, and inform public policy decisions. Keystone gives members of the community an active voice in a policy discussion that will often have the most direct impact on them.

Situation Assessments
Keystone designs and conducts qualitative research – e.g., through interviews, focus groups, and analysis – to identify key stakeholders on a pressing issue, assess the specific opportunities for collaborative problem-solving, and determine any challenges in pursuing joint solutions.

Policy Development & Strategic Planning
Keystone works with organizations and their constituents to assess the current policy landscape and thoughtfully craft custom roadmaps to achieve progress. Keystone helps stakeholders undertake strategic planning and partnership assessments, conduct internal analyses, offer recommendations to achieve strategic goals, and develop dedicated plans to reach those goals.

Leadership & Capacity Building
Keystone’s customized workshops and other learning experiences help institutions and individuals build skills for effective decision-making that leads to sustainable outcomes within and beyond their organizations. We work across a range of sectors, disciplines, and geographies to provide public-facing organizations (agencies, corporations, schools, etc.) with strategies, techniques, and tools for identifying and engaging stakeholders in mutually beneficial ways.