Sarah Stokes Alexander
Sarah Stokes AlexanderVice President, Programs
Brianna Brumbaugh
Brianna BrumbaughProgram Coordinator & Washington DC Office Manager
Marques Chavez
Marques ChavezDirector of Communications and Marketing, Policy Director
Charles Dukes
Charles DukesSenior Policy Director & Director, Center for Education
Trace Faust
Trace FaustSenior Project Director
Kate Garvin
Kate Garvin Sr. Director Statewide Family Engagement Center
Jonathan Geurts
Jonathan GeurtsSenior Project Manager
Ernest House
Ernest HouseSenior Policy Director & Director, Center for Tribal and Indigenous Engagement
Mallory Huggins
Mallory HugginsSenior Project Director & Director of the Keystone Energy Board
Margaret McGuirk
Margaret McGuirkProject Manager
Modesta McGrath-Martínez
Modesta McGrath-MartínezProject Manager
Matthew Mulica
Matthew MulicaSenior Project Director
Cally King Newman
Cally King NewmanSenior Project Manager
Judy O'Brien
Judy O'BrienDirector, Development and Strategic Partnerships
Helen Royal
Helen Royal Senior Project Director
Christine M. Scanlan
Christine M. ScanlanPresident and CEO
Van Schoales
Van SchoalesSenior Policy Director
Julie Shapiro
Julie ShapiroSenior Policy Director & Director, Center for Natural Resources
Brad Sperber
Brad SperberSenior Policy Director & Director, Center for Civic Engagement & Capacity Building
Brandy Suyderhoud
Brandy SuyderhoudAdministrative Associate
Kati Van Sicklen
Kati Van SicklenAssistant Project Manager, Statewide Family Engagement Center
Sue Wilcox
Sue WilcoxVice President, Business & Administration
Christine Zenel
Christine ZenelProject Manager