Center for Tribal and Indigenous Engagement

Bringing Tribal, Local, State, and Federal partners together in a culturally respective manner to develop actionable solutions to complex issues.

The Keystone Value

Keystone’s Center for Tribal and Indigenous Engagement (CTIE) works with leaders from both Tribal and non-Tribal communities to identify and address some of the most challenging issues facing Tribal and Indigenous communities:

  • Keystone has direct knowledge and experience in developing government-to-government guidance between state and federal agencies and sovereign Tribal governments.

  • Keystone engages Tribal nations and industry leaders in ongoing dialogue and collaborative decision-making around issues that have historically been a source of contention.

  • Keystone leverages its robust education program to increase access to a quality education for Tribal and Indigenous populations.

  • Keystone brings together partners in a collaborative and culturally respective manner to facilitate better relationships, improve health education, and develop actionable solutions that improve the overall health status of Tribal and Indigenous populations.

Our Impact

Growing Ute Futures

Keystone Policy Center has been working with Ute Mountain Ute leaders to create a science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics curriculum that is also embedded with Ute arts, language, culture, and traditions. The Kwiyagat Community Academy, the first school located on the Ute Mountain Ute reservation, opened in Fall 2021 with 27 students enrolled in kindergarten and first grade. The school is a key component of Growing Ute Futures and is already making an impact within the community. Learn More

Tribal Consultation: City of Boulder

Keystone has partnered with the City of Boulder to develop and implement a city/Tribal consultation process opening a dialogue and education initiative around cultural, spiritual, and historical significance for Tribal and Indigenous members of the community. The initiative began in 2019 and continues today. Learn More

Gray Wolf Restoration and Management Public Engagement

Colorado voters passed Proposition 114 directing the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to begin the planning process to reintroduce gray wolves west of the Continental Divide no later than December 2023. Keystone was selected by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to implement a robust public involvement effort that provides opportunities for Coloradoans and the state’s American Indian Tribes to provide substantive input and feedback on the wolf reintroduction restoration and management planning process. Learn More

Tribal/Energy Industry Leader Summit

Keystone Policy Center convened a summit of tribal and business leaders Tulalip, Washington, to discuss the different ways these leaders can address legal jurisdictions and governing decisions related to energy development on or adjacent to tribal land. The summit explored what opportunities are available for industry and tribes to engage more effectively and what structure or environment is needed, or can be created, to support proactive dialogue. Learn More

Mental Health Listening Sessions

Keystone Policy Center partnered with the office of the Lieutenant Governor to conduct a series of mental health listening sessions in Southwest Colorado. The series aimed to open a dialogue among state officials, Tribal members, nonprofit organizations, local government and education leaders, and the general public about issues related to mental health. Learn More

Creating Indigenous Partnerships for Conservation

Keystone’s Center for Tribal and Indigenous Engagement has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to advise the organization on opportunities and approaches for natural resources conservation work with Indigenous partners, evaluates conservation initiatives, and co-develops a Colorado-centered cultural competency training to support future engagement and Tribal outreach.

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