Upcoming Events

September-October 2020: CRISPRcon 2020

CRISPRcon is a unique forum bringing diverse voices together to discuss the future of CRISPR and related gene editing technologies across applications in agriculture, health, conservation, and more. CRISPRcon sparks curiosity, builds understanding, and highlights societal histories and other context relevant to decisions on gene editing technologies. CRISPRcon is a program of the Keystone Policy Center.

CRISPRcon returns this fall with a series of discussions exploring gene editing’s role in COVID-19 testing and treatment, racial disparities and inequities, strategies to address climate change, and other pressing issues. In a year that has transformed the world in unexpected ways, join us virtually for a dynamic, diverse, and timely lineup that will consider gene editing across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, cultures, and perspectives.

Register: To learn more about and register for this year’s discussions, click here.

 November 17, 2020: 27th Annual Keystone Leadership Awards

Since 1994, Keystone Policy Center has proudly honored exemplary leaders and decision-makers who embody its mission in action. Honorees are selected for their leadership, vision, outstanding problem-solving skills, and efforts to seek collaborative solutions to challenging issues. The awards are presented annually at a dinner ceremony in Washington, D.C., attended by prominent leaders from industry, government, and the NGO community.

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Keystone Policy Center empowers leaders to overcome national and local policy conflicts they previously thought were insurmountable. Through a unique and innovative approach, Keystone propels conflicted groups, coalitions, and divergent leaders beyond entrenched positions to common higher ground. If you or your organization share this commitment of collaborative action, please help support this work and these outstanding individuals through your sponsorship of and participation in this event. Funds raised through this annual event are critical to helping support Keystone’s mission and vision of bringing together leaders to reach a common higher ground. Learn more about how Keystone utilizes these important resources!

For more information, contact Judy O’Brien, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships | jobrien@keystone.org | 202-452-1592.