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May 19-June 4, 2020: Common Higher Ground Workshop (Online)

Keystone’s Common Higher Ground Workshop has gone virtual! Now more than ever the world needs leaders who can bridge silos, organizations, and sectors to get things done. To meet this need, Keystone has produced an online version of our Common Higher Ground workshop, which trains professionals in all sectors how to harness the power of collaborative decision-making.

Many pressing problems cannot be solved sustainably by one person or party. The workshop is designed for leaders and emerging leaders who need to build a shared vision in the face of apparent differences, whether within a single organization, between organizations, within a community, or across society.

Participants will learn collaborative skills and strategies to increase effectiveness at reaching across silos, convening effective teams, and listening and responding to colleagues, constituents, communities, and other stakeholders. The workshop features learning and practice for each crucial stage of collaborative decision-making, and guides participants in building a toolkit of responses to difficult or sensitive situations.

Format: Online Workshop

Dates: This year’s online workshop will take place from May 19-June 4, 2020, including the following sessions:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm-3:00pm Mountain Time (3:00pm-5:00pm Eastern Time)
  • Two individual coaching sessions scheduled around participant availability

Tuition: $300 ($200 for government, nonprofit, and academic)

For more information, contact Jonathan Geurts, jgeurts@keystone.org, (970) 760-0720

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 November 17, 2020: 27th Annual Keystone Leadership Awards

Union Station
50 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC, 20002

Since 1994, Keystone Policy Center has proudly honored exemplary leaders and decision-makers who embody its mission in action. Honorees are selected for their leadership, vision, outstanding problem-solving skills, and efforts to seek collaborative solutions to challenging issues. The awards are presented annually at a dinner ceremony in Washington, D.C., attended by prominent leaders from industry, government, and the NGO community. The recipients of the 2020 Leadership Awards will be announced in May.

Please help support the work of Keystone Policy Center and these outstanding individuals through your sponsorship of and participation in this event. Funds raised through this annual event, are critical to helping support Keystone’s mission and vision of bringing together leaders to reach a common higher ground. Learn more about how Keystone utilizes these important resources!

For more information, contact Judy O’Brien, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships | jobrien@keystone.org | 202-452-1592.