Key Conversations

Keystone’s diverse and well-informed network of policymakers, current and former elected officials, and other key policy influencers provide the latest insight on issues impacting the world through a discussion series call Key Conversations. The series was launched to share the expertise of this network with our audience, partners, and general public. The series includes discussions on climate change policy, the relationship of law enforcement and communities of color, U.S.-Middle East policy, education, and energy, with future events planned around all of Keystone’s areas of expertise.

Unheard: Law Enforcement and Communities of Color

Terrance Carroll is an attorney, minister, was the first African American Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, and a police officer. He joins Keystone Policy Center President and CEO Christine Scanlan for a thoughtful conversation on the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color, how it impacts society, and steps leaders can take to enact meaningful change.

The Politics of Climate

Former Congressman and noted policy expert, Phil Sharp, will be interviewed by Clint Vince of Dentons about climate change policy and what influence the general election and the events of 2020 will have on it.

Education System Resiliency and Education Initiative

The Education System Resiliency and Education Initiative, led by Keystone Policy Center and the Public Education & Business Coalition, assembled more than 80 education system leaders, educators, government officials, and stakeholders from within and outside the education system to develop new approaches to improve support for the teaching workforce, deliver instruction that better prepares all students for the challenges of an ever-evolving world, and address issues within the education system that perpetuate inequities and achievement gaps that were only exacerbated during disruptive events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Common Endeavor: U.S.-Middle East Relations

Paul Salem, President of the Middle East Institute, and Ed Gabriel, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco and President of the American Task Force for Lebanon, host an insightful discussion on U.S-Middle East relations and how they are shaped by global events.

Decarbonization in the Biden Era

A shifting political landscape and advancements in technology may present new opportunities to achieve reduced carbon emissions goals. In this key conversation, co-hosted by the Keystone Policy Center and Dentons, we examine the current climate policy landscape, recent developments, and discuss what can be expected in the new Biden administration.

Consensus-based Decarbonization Policy

A multi-sector coalition of experts is unveiling comprehensive policy recommendations for bipartisan action to phase out carbon emissions throughout the economy. A Decarbonization Dialogue, facilitated by Keystone Policy Center and Great Plains Institute, convened leaders from the power, transportation, and agriculture sectors over several months to better understand each other’s interests; identify overlapping priorities and mutually supported recommendations; and distinguish cross-cutting issues to advance decarbonization in all sectors.

Key Conversations with Energy Industry Leaders

Keystone joined with Dentons for this Key Conversation with top energy leaders, policy makers and other key stakeholders to explore issues and emerging challenges affecting energy and the environment. Participants learned how our guests are addressing today’s concerns, challenges and priorities within their organizations.

COP26, Infrastructure, Build Back Better Act and other Hot Energy Topics

Several developments have transpired that will have significant ramifications for the energy sector and beyond, including the passage of comprehensive infrastructure legislation, the discussions on climate change coming out of COP26, and Congress’ consideration of the Build Back Better plan. To help sort through the latest global and domestic events that will impact energy, the Dentons Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank partnered with Keystone for a key conversation on these issues.