Keystone to Host Discussion on Housing Affordability for Teachers, Middle-Income Earners

Housing affordability for teachers and middle-income earners is garnering attention across the nation in an era when housing prices and interest rates continue to rise, along with a growing number of teachers choosing to leave the profession. A recently-released report from the Keystone Policy Center titled Homeownership for Colorado Teachers: Affording the American Dream, found that less than 20 percent of homes in Colorado are valued at a price that is affordable for teachers earning an average salary. Researchers in California have also collaborated to release an in-depth report on education workforce housing and how to produce more housing by leveraging underutilized schools lands.

On September 8, Keystone will host a webinar featuring both researchers and practitioners discussing the alarming problem of housing affordability for teachers nationwide and what policymakers can do to address the problem. The event is the latest in Keystone’s Key Conversations series and feature the following education experts.

Katy Anthes
Katy AnthesColorado Commissioner of Education
Lisa Berdie
Lisa BerdieDoctoral Fellow, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Jesús Rodríguez
Jesús RodríguezSuperintendent, Roaring Fork School District
Jeff Vincent
Jeff VincentDirector, Public Infrastructure Initiatives, University of California, Berkeley

Webinar: Housing Affordability for Teachers
Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm MDT
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Catch up on some of the news stories about Keystone’s teacher affordability report. Embedded below is a story from CBS Colorado.

KGNU Community Radio also produced a story about the report featuring an interview with Van Schoales, senior policy director at Keystone who led the research team for the report.