“Collaboration and consensus building really are the cornerstones of how we operate at our company, and we would never have been able to make the progress that we’ve made were it not for the help of the Keystone Policy Center.”
Ken Powell, Chairman & CEO of General Mills
“Collaboration and engagement are at the very center of the Next 100 Coalition’s work to ensure our public lands are engaging and serving all segments of the American people. The Keystone Policy Center’s support has been essential in helping us constructively engage with key partners and work toward our goals.”
Maite Arce, President & CEO of the Hispanic Access Foundation
“One of the hallmarks of the Keystone Policy Center … is really to think about [energy policy] in terms of how we collaborate and how we get to common ground.”
Bill Ritter, Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy
“The Keystone Policy Center has provided invaluable support for the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health as we worked to study the major drivers behind rising health care costs and explore potential avenues to confront this trend. Keystone’s unique combination of organizational expertise, policy experience, and management skills that were critical to our success.”
William N. Lindsay, III, Chairman of the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health
“The Keystone Energy Board is a great opportunity to hear a range of perspectives on the topics at the forefront of energy policy. I was impressed by how everyone felt very comfortable to be candid with their comments. People were free to disagree and challenge each other. It is refreshing that Keystone has created an environment that helps get the real issues out on the table.”
Alex Perera, Global Director of the World Resource Institute’s Electricity Initiative
“The mission of the Keystone Policy Center is critical to our future. Leaders — in and outside of government — must rise above entrenched positions to reach common higher ground.”
Jack Markell, 73rd Governor of Delaware
“At a time when energy technologies, policies, and pioneers change on a weekly basis, the Keystone Energy Board provides an essential forum to connect the dots between energy policy and other policy areas. Every meeting’s informative discussions only underscore the Board’s enduring depth of experience and breadth of understanding.”
Dede Hapner, Vice President, FERC and ISO Relations, at Pacific Gas & Electric Company
“The Keystone Policy Center’s services have been invaluable throughout the planning process of our Managed Pollinator Protection Plan. Keystone’s experienced staff knew exactly how to bring issues forward and promote productive discussion. We were amazed at the progress that Keystone facilitated.”
Ashley Jones, Entomologist with the Maryland Department of Agriculture
“Keystone Policy Center provides an unbiased, level-headed approach to leadership and facilitation; making otherwise contentious dialogues productive and effective.”
Taryn Finnessey, Climate Change Risk Management Specialist for the Colorado Water Conservation Board

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