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Education: Past Projects

Licensing Educators for Academic Development (LEAD) Compact

Educator quality is broadly recognized as the single most important school-based factor that influences student achievement. Because of this, one of the key issues facing Colorado is the need to create an education system that attracts, supports, and retains diverse, high-quality educators.

In recognition of the importance of educator quality and research by the State Council on Educator Effectiveness, the Keystone Policy Center convened the Licensing Educators for Academic Development (LEAD) Compact in August 2013 with the support of the philanthropic community. The Compact was tasked with exploring the following four questions:

  • How can we increase the quality and quantity of teachers and principals wanting to enter the profession?
  • What should the pathways for entry to the profession be, how should we understand the differences between them, and what should candidates be able to demonstrate to show readiness?
  • How do teachers and principals advance through the profession in a way that recognizes their unique talents and provides professional growth and development in areas that need improvement?
  • With the goal of retaining our most effective teachers and principals, how do we recognize and reward them and provide growth opportunities?

LEAD Compact meetings took place between August and December of 2013 and were open to the public.