Capacity Building

In an era of enhanced competitiveness in public conversation about important issues, a win-lose mentality perpetuates unproductive tensions and revenge cycles.  Still, collaborative approaches to problem-solving must account for challenging personalities and tactics.  Those who make important decisions in any sector need to be able to forge stable agreements, achieve mutual satisfaction, and develop shared understanding that makes future interactions productive. Keystone offers training experiences to help organizations and individuals improve their ability to solve problems effectively and create sustainable solutions collaboratively in a variety of professional contexts. We also work with internal champions to tailor training events and consultations to the emerging needs of organizations in the public, civic, private, and education sectors. We have also developed step-by-step guides that provide a roadmap for anyone to develop a more collaborative mindset and organize their stakeholders and collaborations. 

Featured Projects

Common Higher Ground Workshop

Keystone’s Common Higher Ground Workshop trains professionals in all sectors how to develop strategies and build skills for effective decision-making and problem-solving within and beyond their organizations. Many pressing problems cannot be solved sustainably by one person or party. The workshop is designed for leaders and emerging leaders who need to build a shared vision in the face of apparent differences, whether within a single organization, between organizations, within a community, or across society. Participants learn collaborative skills and strategies from Keystone’s experienced practitioners, who will demonstrate how the collaborative skillset has been applied in real-life multi-stakeholder dialogues.

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Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey

Tourism is an industry that is vital to the economy in every state, but more so in a state like Colorado. While the industry has suffered well-documented impact from COVID-19, it already had its own set of challenges even prior to the pandemic, including relying on a transient and often untrained workforce. To activate the full potential of Colorado tourism, the Colorado Tourism Office in 2017 decided to create a leadership program for the industry’s workforce. The program was created for aspiring leaders with a demonstrated commitment to a career in the tourism industry and a passion for sharing the Colorado experience. Keystone was tapped to develop and facilitate the training program. Learn how we train emerging leaders in the Colorado tourism industry the Keystone way.

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Collaborative Action Toolkit

Keystone partnered with Dow to create a step-by-step guide called the Collaborative Action Toolkit that provides a roadmap for anyone to develop a more collaborative mindset and organize their stakeholders and collaborations. The Collaborative Action Toolkit is an Excel workbook that provides a framework to navigate the internal and external planning, collaborations, and communications required in considering external engagement for a complex issue or project. The toolkit is organized into three sections—project alignment, stakeholder mapping, external engagement—and provides numerous tools for each stage. TIt is built to be easily-adaptable so no matter what stage a collaborative initiative may be in, it can serve to reinforce what you have built and achieve your goals.

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