Field to Market

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Our ability to feed future generations depends on developing better, more sustainable way to produce food — throughout the supply chain. Recognizing this challenge, the Keystone Policy Center convened Field to Market®, the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture in 2007 as a collaborative dialogue aimed at improving the sustainability of the U.S. commodity agriculture supply chain. Since then and through Keystone’s stewardship, Field to Market grew into a diverse, collaborative nonprofit with a membership comprised of grower associations, agribusinesses, food packagers and retailers, conservation organizations, universities, and federal agency partners.

Field to Market, now its own 501(c), continues to make important strides toward helping farmers and other key partners along the supply chain develop better, more sustainable business practices. For example, the organization continues to refine key environmental and socioeconomic metrics, which can be easily accessed by producers by using the Fieldprint® Calculator, a freely available online tool for measuring on-farm sustainability outcomes.

The Field to Market Environmental and Socioeconomic Indicators Report applies the same metrics as the Calculator to publicly available national agricultural statistics to analyze three decades of sustainability trends for commodity crops. On the ground, Fieldprint Projects connect Field to Market members, local partners, and growers in efforts to explore opportunities for continuous improvement in sustainable outcomes.

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