Farm Labor Practices Group

The Farm Labor Practices Group is a multi-stakeholder initiative committed to improving farm labor practices on farms and thereby enhancing the farm worker’s experience. The Farm Labor Practices Group brings together key industry stakeholders, including growers/farmers, farm worker member organizations, manufacturers and others who sell agricultural products, U.S. Department of Labor, and non-governmental organizations. Keystone Policy Center facilitates the work of the Farm Labor Practices Group.

The Farm Labor Practices Group evolved from an initial discussion about North Carolina tobacco production in response to issues raised in a Farm Labor Organizing Committee/Oxfam 2011 report on North Carolina’s tobacco industry and the stakeholders’ shared interest regarding human rights on all tobacco farms. The Farm Labor Practices Group facilitates constructive dialogue about farm labor practices in tobacco-producing states and collaboratively develops solutions through multi-stakeholder discussions and goal-centric programs.

The Farm Labor Practices Group’s primary areas of interest include:

  • improving farm labor practices (especially those that fall below existing regulatory standards)
  • worker/human rights considerations (including freedom of association and grievance mechanisms)
  • creating and expanding education farm labor programs to enhance employer (grower and/or farm labor contractor) and worker understanding and compliance with applicable labor, health, and safety laws and regulations policy changes related to labor and other relevant topics

The Farm Labor Practices Group has established individual workgroups addressing training and education, grievance mechanisms, farm labor contractor compliance, public policy issues, and child labor prevention and youth employment. Visit the FLPG website at