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Agriculture and Food: Past Projects

Sustainable Beef

As global demand for beef increases, the sustainability of production from the ranch to the retail store has become and increasing focus of the entire beef supply chain. The Keystone Policy Center facilitated four stakeholder workshops on beef sustainability in 2013 and 2014 to highlight innovations and sustainability practices in action and discuss challenges and opportunities facing ranchers, feeders, packers, processors, food and retail companies, and conservation interests.

Maryland Managed Pollinator Protection Plan Summit

In June 2014, President Obama directed the Environmental Protection Agency to engage state agencies in developing Managed Pollinator Protection Plans (MP3s) to mitigate risk to honey bees and other managed pollinators. The Keystone Policy Center worked with the Maryland Department of Agriculture and the University of Maryland to plan and facilitate a statewide MP3 summit for 70 stakeholders, along with conducting a stakeholder assessment leading up to the event. The summit enabled state agencies and key stakeholders to discuss and identify significant opportunities to promote managed pollinator health. It also established a framework for open communication and collaboration as the Maryland Department of Agriculture develops and implements the state’s MP3.