Monarch Collaborative Secures National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant to Support Conservation Efforts in Agricultural Landscapes

KEYSTONE, CO, August 24, 2016 — The Keystone Policy Center heralded the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s decision to award the Monarch Collaborative a $30,000 grant to support its work to strengthen monarch habitat in agricultural landscapes.

The Collaborative, a diverse and dedicated group of organizations, has been working for more than a year to connect agricultural producers, private landowners, and the public with resources to support monarch butterfly conservation. The Collaborative recently hosted a conference at the St. Louis Zoo to foster collaboration, share information, and highlight gaps in conservation efforts underway now.

“The Monarch Collaborative is working to find collaborative strategies to address the challenges monarch butterflies face. This grant will help the Collaborative continue to bring together the agricultural and conservation communities to enhance habitat for a sustainable monarch population,” said Suzan Klein, senior policy director at the Keystone Policy Center.

The Monarch Collaborative grant was one of the nearly two dozen grants totaling $3.3 million that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced this week.

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