Keystone Welcomes Galvanize’s Stephanie Donner as New Trustee
Donner Will Bring Valuable Experiences, Vision to Keystone’s Board of Trustees, Organization

KEYSTONE, CO, February 23, 2017 — Christine Scanlan, president and CEO of the Keystone Policy Center, welcomed Stephanie Donner as the newest member of the organization’s Board of Trustees. Scanlan said Donner’s experiences and perspectives as the Chief Legal and People Officer at Galvanize will provide Keystone with essential guidance as it works to inspire leaders to rise above entrenched positions to reach common higher ground.

“We are proud to welcome Stephanie to Keystone’s Board of Trustees. For more than four decades, Keystone’s trustees have shaped and guided our mission-driven public policy work across the nation,” Scanlan said. “Stephanie’s strategic thinking and insights will help Keystone continue to help find collaborative solutions to the monumental challenges of our day.”

In addition to Donner’s work at Galvanize, she previously served as chief legal counsel to Governor John Hickenlooper and has been recognized as one of Denver’s top young leaders and executives. She also is a finalist for the 2017 9NEWS Leader of the Year award.

Keystone’s board meets three times each year in Washington, D.C., and in Colorado. The board oversees Keystone’s work and supports its mission throughout the year.

Stephanie Donner currently serves as the Chief Legal and People Officer, and Corporate Secretary for Galvanize, Inc., an education company that trains entrepreneurs, software engineers, and data scientists across integrated campuses. Galvanize is the alignment of industry and academia.

Stephanie provides services for all employment law, human resources, compliance, contract and legal document review and drafting, intellectual property issues, privacy, data transfer, corporate litigation matters and all related corporate legal issues. In this role, she also leads all government relations on education policy, objectives, and regulatory compliance. Culture is critical to the success of Galvanize, and Stephanie works with her team daily to secure top and enthusiastic engagement by all Galvanizers.

Stephanie previously served as Chief Legal Counsel for Colorado Gov. John W. Hickenlooper. In that role, she managed litigation handled by the Attorney General’s Office, revised and negotiated contracts on behalf of the Governor, vetted and assisted the Governor in more than 90 judicial appointments, oversaw the recovery from the State’s largest natural disaster, and managed legal review of legislation introduced by the Colorado General Assembly.

Stephanie is a career lawyer who has handled civil litigation, defended officers and directors, and handled corporate business/employment matters. She is licensed to practice in Colorado and Texas.

About Keystone Policy Center
Keystone Policy Center brings together crucial teams of stakeholders who have diverse individual perspectives but recognize a common need to address urgent issues with lasting solutions. For more than 40 years, Keystone has helped leaders move beyond fixed positions toward collaborative, action-oriented approaches to problem-solving. In this age of polarized debate on nearly every major topic in public policy, Keystone offers a refreshing yet proven blueprint for progress.