Keystone Policy Center Honors National Leaders in Energy, Education, Environment, Public Policy
Awards, Presented at 22nd Annual Event, Honor Collaborators, Innovators, Bridge Builders

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2015 — The Keystone Policy Center honored national leaders and businesses at its 22nd Annual Leadership Awards Dinner today for finding common ground and working collaboratively to confront challenges ranging from deforestation in South America to improving teacher quality to securing our energy future. The awards highlight exemplary examples of the Keystone Policy Center’s vision for individuals and companies rising above entrenched positions and reaching common higher ground.

“As the leading organization working to build consensus, promote collaborative public policies, and keep our nation moving forward, the Keystone Policy Center is honored to recognize national leaders who share our vision and mission,” said Christine Scanlan, President and CEO of the Keystone Policy Center. “Organizations like Cargill, McDonald’s and Greenpeace, as well as individuals like CPS Energy CEO Doyle N. Beneby, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, TNTP CEO Ariela Rozman, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, are demonstrating how we are better and stronger when we work together to find common ground. The Keystone Policy Center is honored to recognize their work — and to challenge others to follow their examples.”

The Keystone Policy Center, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization founded in 1975, presented the following awards:

  • Leadership in Environment to Cargill, Greenpeace and McDonald’s for their leadership in significantly reducing deforestation and farming on cleared rainforest land over the past decade through the collaborative Brazilian Soy Moratorium;
  • Leadership in Energy to Doyle N. Beneby, President and CEO of CPS Energy, for his groundbreaking work collaborating with clean technology firms and other partners to create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and support energy-efficiency projects in Texas;
  • Leadership in Government to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell for working across the aisle and with partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors on education reform and other issues to make his state and our nation stronger;
  • Leadership in Education to Ariela Rozman, CEO of TNTP, for her work helping school districts across the nation support teacher quality and raise student achievement;
  • Leadership in the Public Interest to Chuck Todd, moderator and host of NBC’s Meet the Press, for his work fostering public policy debates and encouraging transparency; and,
  • Spirit of Keystone Award to U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz for his work across the political spectrum to build partnerships and promote a safer, more energy-secure world.

Dignitaries, including U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Connecticut, the Hon. Julian Castro, Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DC Public Schools, and Shelby Coffey III, Vice Chairman of The Newseum, presented the awards to the honorees at the 22nd Annual Leadership Awards Dinner.

The Keystone Policy Center established its Leadership Awards program in 1994 to recognize extraordinary leadership by individuals and companies whose work embraces the nonprofit’s model, spirit and mission: inspiring critical thinking, seeking multiple perspectives in decision-making and advancing public policy. The Keystone Policy Center presents awards each year in various categories within its areas of practice including energy, environment, agriculture, public health, and education.

About Keystone Policy Center
Keystone Policy Center brings together crucial teams of stakeholders who have diverse individual perspectives but recognize a common need to address urgent issues with lasting solutions. For more than 40 years, Keystone has helped leaders move beyond fixed positions toward collaborative, action-oriented approaches to problem-solving. In this age of polarized debate on nearly every major topic in public policy, Keystone offers a refreshing yet proven blueprint for progress.