July 23, 2019 – Washington, DC — The Energy Consumer Market Alignment Project (EC-MAP) officially launched today to align public policy with digital technologies that can drive greater transparency, fair competition, and consumer choice. The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit envisions an energy future where policy enables innovation instead of restraining it with regulatory barriers. Operating in collaboration with Keystone Policy Center , EC-MAP will advance a dialogue around the role of government in this new era of energy digitalization for the transportation, power, and industrial sectors.

“As an independent nonprofit founded to drive actionable, shared solutions to contentious policy issues, Keystone Policy Center is thrilled to collaborate with EC-MAP to launch this new dialogue around energy digitalization and sustainability,” Keystone Policy Center President and CEO Christine Scanlan said. “We know that creative solutions come from bringing diverse perspectives to bear on persistent policy challenges, and we are eager to work with EC-MAP to facilitate productive conversations among key thought leaders and stakeholders toward tangible results.”

See also: Full Press Release from EC-MAP and the EC-MAP Transport Whitepaper Whitepaper Press Release.

About Keystone Policy Center
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