Stacey Smith
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Stacey Smith is a facilitator of positive strategic impact on the environment and society. To that end, she works with multi-stakeholder collaboratives and leadership teams to increase their ability to make lasting impact. Stacey brings over 20 years of corporate, nonprofit and public sector experience to her areas of focus today which include collaborative problem solving and strategic planning.  She is equally comfortable in the Board room of a Fortune 500 company and the fields of a third generation grower in California’s Central Valley.  In every context she works hard to find the most useful tools, approach and partners for her client’s to make progress.

After graduating from The University of Vermont, she built the foundation of her career at Arthur Andersen in the 1990’s, then jumped wholeheartedly into the early days of corporate sustainability work at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and GreenOrder through from 2000 – 2012.  Currently she works as an affiliate of the Keystone Policy Center and lives in San Francisco with her family.