Sarah Stokes Alexander
Sarah Stokes AlexanderVice President, Programs


Sarah Stokes Alexander serves as Vice President of Programs for Keystone Policy Center. She started at Keystone in 1994, and her early projects focused on the environmental restoration of federal facilities facing closure throughout the nation, balancing shrinking budgets and effective consultation with local communities, states, tribes and the environmental justice community. She led the formation of a multi-stakeholder organization, Field to Market, which is an initiative focused on sustainability outcomes and practices for sustainable agriculture. The initiative includes representation from conservation organizations, consumer facing companies, agribusiness, and farmer organizations. She has worked on many other strategic efforts in the sustainable agriculture space to connect efforts and farmers on the ground with the supply chain, policy makers and others. Sarah’s other work at Keystone has focused on developing transportation solutions to challenging corridors, bringing leaders together to focus on how to invest in water at the state level, as well as several leadership training programs that focus on collaboration and sustainability.

She graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and holds a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University. She is a proud Colorado native and graduate of Manual High School in Denver.