Modesta McGrath-Martínez
Modesta McGrath-MartínezProject Manager


Modesta has nearly a decade of experience working in nonprofits focused on education and the environment, with the majority of her work being focused on increasing equitable access to outdoor recreation and environmental policy. Prior to joining Keystone, she worked in environmental education with Colorado Trout Unlimited and public lands policy at the National Wildlife Federation. Modesta has years of experience leading and organizing the Colorado chapter of Latino Outdoors, where she continues to lead outdoor and environmental events for the Latine community. She also serves as the Co-President of the Community Roots Art Festival that seeks to increase access for creatives of color in Colorado.

Modesta has a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with a minor in geography from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and is based out of the Denver office of the Keystone Policy Center.