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Mallory Huggins
Mallory HugginsSenior Policy Director


Mallory has nine years of experience working as a facilitator and communicator for government agencies, regulatory bodies, and nonprofits. She is currently a senior policy director focused on Keystone’s energy, environment, and climate and emerging genetic technologies program areas. Mallory designs and facilitates stakeholder engagement projects from day-long summits and multi-day workshops to long-term coalitions and manages projects across a variety of topics, including energy policy, environmental justice, and synthetic biology. She also staffs the Keystone Energy Board, a multi-stakeholder group with representatives from across the energy sector, including members from environmental organizations, utilities, power producers, oil and gas companies, federal, state, and local government agencies, renewable energy advocates, and more.

Prior to joining Keystone, Mallory worked for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, where she facilitated meetings of utility companies, regional coordinating councils, and trade associations to develop standards for the electric utility industry. She is trained in facilitation, mediation, and negotiation and is an experienced communicator, having facilitated workshops and webinars and deployed outreach tools for energy industry stakeholders continent-wide.

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