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Judy O'Brien
Judy O'BrienDirector, Strategic Partnerships


Judy O’Brien has been a facilitator for Keystone since 1991. While her primary focus has been centered around energy issues, Judy has been a part of project teams across each of Keystone’s programmatic areas. Most recently, Judy has taken on responsibilities for overseeing the development and management of strategic partnerships. She spends a significant portion of her time working with the CEO on Board member relations and with staff on project development and fundraising for programs.  Judy also manages the annual Leadership Awards Dinner and Keystone Energy Board.

Her facilitation experience includes on-going stakeholder boards, strategic planning initiatives, and stakeholder engagement processes. She has facilitated stakeholder groups on electricity transmission siting; natural gas pipeline siting; and development of regional transmission organizations. Judy also has experience in Keystone’s environment and health program, having been the Project Director for both the Green Products Roundtable and the Keystone Food and Nutrition Roundtable. She served as part of the facilitation teams on several public health initiatives, including food labeling, obesity prevention, AIDS, and prescription drug labeling.

Prior to joining Keystone Policy Center, Judy spent five years working on energy policy issues for Congressman Phil Sharp on the staff of the Energy and Power Subcommittee. Judy graduated from Siena College with a B.S. in marketing and management.

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