Brianna Brumbaugh
Brianna BrumbaughProgram Coordinator & Washington DC Office Manager


Brianna Brumbaugh provides project support, event management, and logistical coordination for Keystone Policy Center’s energy, environment, health, and education work. She evaluates and manages virtual platforms for meetings, webinars, and conferences for each project’s shifting needs.

She provides ongoing support and coordination for the Keystone Energy Board, a forum for energy leaders to discuss and debate timely energy and environmental issues; and the Farm Labor Practices Group, a long-running cross-sector dialogue on farm labor practices in the U.S. agricultural supply chain. Brianna also manages event logistics for in-person, international, and virtual instances of CRISPRcon, a unique conference in which a broad selection of diverse voices come together to discuss the future of CRISPR and related gene editing technologies across a variety of applications.

Prior to joining Keystone in 2014, her professional experience included program management for a national non-profit and executive support for the animal health industry.

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