A Peek Inside the Robert W. Craig Book Collection at the Downey Library

By Mike Saccone

Throughout Bob Craig’s life, books were one constant, guiding influence. Craig, the founder of the Keystone Policy Center, was an avid reader of history, philosophy, biography, and fiction — which provided him thoughtful insights, fresh perspectives, and much-needed respite in his professional life.

That critical facet of Bob Craig lives on in the Robert W. Craig Book Collection at the Downey Library at Keystone’s headquarters in Keystone, Colorado. Bob’s wife and Keystone Trustee Terry Craig unveiled the library during the Board of Trustees’ meeting in February and has continued to refine its collection.

“Bob and I really connected because he loved to read and always had a stack of books and magazine that he was reading,” Craig said of Bob and the roughly 2,000-book collection.

Craig said the library includes books that reflect Bob’s interests, career, and connections that informed Keystone’s place in the world. She noted it includes inscribed books from noted authors and leaders, including Robert F. Kennedy, author and journalist Eric Sevareid, and actor and author Robert Redford.

The library, which doubles as a meeting room, also features a wide array of photos and other items from Bob Craig’s life, including his bust and a poster from Denver’s infamous and abortive bid for the 1976 winter Olympics.

Craig said the library, from its books to other items, reflects the wide interests of Keystone’s founder. She said Bob would be proud to see his book collection being put to good use by Keystone’s staff.

“I think Bob would be most happy that it is a part of Keystone where the staff can use it to be inspired,” she said. “He always encouraged the staff to read as much as they could.”

Mike Saccone is Keystone Policy Center’s Communications Director.