KUNC Talks to Keystone, Highlights Repatriation Effort in Series on Stolen and Returned Art in Colorado

Much of the world’s stolen art and artifacts already reside in museums as many culturally sacred pieces that originally belonged to Native American tribes and other indigenous communities were taken by curators, reports Stacy Nick from KUNC in her series Stolen. Nick reports on the process to repatriate these artifacts back to tribal communities and the role this effort is playing in expanding the conversation between tribes, museums, and government officials.

Nick reports that today, Colorado is one of the leaders in the repatriation process and has close relationships with tribal leaders throughout the country. As part of her story, she interviews Ernest House, Jr., the director of Keystone’s American Indian/Alaska Native program, about the repatriation process and the need to continue to strengthen and expand that conversation.

“Who better to talk to than (the people) who you are talking about who are in these exhibits; who are still here and who still have this language? And at the same time, this indigenous community who needs help with ways to expand that conversation,” said House.

Listen to the full story from KUNC below.