Keystone Among Leaders Invited to Environment Policy Dialogue

Keystone Policy Center’s Senior Project Director and Director of the Keystone Energy Board, Mallory Huggins, attended The Breakthrough Institute’s Ecomodernism 2019 retreat this week in Middleburg, Va. The retreat gathered dozens of environmental policy leaders to tackle some of the most pressing questions in energy and environmental politics today: What are the Green New Deal’s prospects? Where does nuclear energy fit into the nation’s long-term energy mix? How necessary – and politically feasible – is a carbon tax? Is climate bipartisanship possible?

Like Keystone, the Breakthrough Institute values pragmatism and endeavors to think creatively about solutions to some of society’s toughest problems. The retreat offered a diverse mix of perspectives and a chance for participants to build relationships across the energy and environmental policy universe. Keystone hopes to build on some of these new relationships for upcoming project work focused on deep decarbonization, the fate of conventional nuclear, farm labor issues, and more.