Data on Education During COVID-19 Reveals Gaps, Opportunities for Colorado Students

Keystone Policy Center released a report today titled Colorado’s Missing Year analyzing data on Colorado education during the pandemic, which revealed critical gaps in student learning across the state but also indicated potential bright spots. The data paints a revealing picture of student participation and achievement during the pandemic.

For students worldwide, the 2020-2021 school year was arguably the most disruptive and difficult schooling experience for students, parents and educators in modern times. This included Colorado where student well-being and achievement has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic. While there is somewhat limited publicly available data, there remains much in the data that can and should be used to inform state education policy and practice. The data shows that there are critical gaps in student learning across the state that must be addressed, as well as some bright spots.

Click here to learn more about the report, read key findings, and access interactive maps.