About The Keystone Center

Founded in 1975 by Robert W. Craig, The Keystone Center was established to independently facilitate the resolution of national policy conflicts. In 1976, Keystone Science School, now an independent 501(c)(3), was founded as a division of The Keystone Center to instill in students an abiding curiosity about science and an appreciation of leadership and civic engagement.

Nearly 40 years later, The Keystone Center's independent, collaborative approaches to problem-solving offer a proven blueprint for progress and impact for leaders.

We offer original, results-focused processes that help our participants craft disciplined solutions to the energy, environment, and health issues of today and tomorrow. Working with an average of 2500 stakeholders annually, we guide leaders toward productive decision-making.

The Keystone Center maintains an unwavering position of independence, not advocating for any single position but rather providing all participants the opportunity to truly own decisions by working with shared-goal partners to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Many organizations and individual practitioners can provide mediation and facilitation services. However, few can match Keystone's unique combination of experience, expertise, and impact.