Keystone Policy Center Update

If 2017 was a year of achievement for Keystone Policy Center, we have embraced 2018 as the year to take the organization’s work to new heights and to new audiences.

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Career Readiness: A Path Forward to Position Our Kids for Success (Part 2)

Rethinking career readiness requires smart assessment of current conditions and meaningful collaboration among a broad group of stakeholders and leaders. To chart a path forward, there needs to be a shared understanding of the world our kid are entering. Equally important is understanding that there is neither one simple solution that fits every child and community nor are there solutions that leaders from any single field can solve alone.

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Career Readiness: Taking the “Career” in “College & Career” Seriously (Part 1)

For most of the past decade, I’ve worked across the country helping state leaders ensure every child has access to a great education. In that effort, I’ve worked with some incredibly bright and passionate educators, school leaders and state officials on everything from rethinking how we prepare and support new teachers to frameworks for improving struggling schools.

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Q&A with Keystone’s Christine Scanlan

Christine Scanlan is Keystone Policy Center’s President and CEO — a position she has held since July 2013. Keystone has thrived under Christine’s leadership, fundamentally reshaping critical public policy debates and dialogues on issues like education policy, public health, emerging genetic technologies, and climate change.

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Welcome to Keynotes

Keystone Policy Center has worked for more than four decades to bring people together to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Throughout this history, Keystone’s team has advocated for collaboration and inclusive dialogues aimed at action and meaningful change — from the local level to the marble halls of Washington, D.C. Keystone inspires leaders to rise above entrenched positions to reach common higher ground. It’s our mission and the idea that enlivens much of our work, but it’s not the whole story.

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