Q&A about Keystone’s Common Higher Ground Workshop

Brad Sperber, Director of Capacity-Building Initiatives and Senior Policy Director at Keystone Policy Center. Keystone’s Common Higher Ground Workshop helps professionals in all sectors develop strategies and build skills for effective decision-making and problem-solving within and beyond their organizations. The workshop is designed for leaders and emerging leaders who need to build a [...]

Q&A about Keystone’s Common Higher Ground Workshop2019-04-17T12:28:17-06:00

Keystone Policy Center Update

This year will mark the 25th anniversary of the Keystone Leadership Awards and will feature a truly impressive slate of individuals whose work and leadership embody the collaborative spirit at the center of our work and mission. We hope you will join us.

Keystone Policy Center Update2018-05-03T08:36:35-06:00

Supporting Tomorrow’s Tourism Leaders

Keystone is helping the Colorado Tourism Office prepare the next generation of leaders in the tourism industry through the Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey. The yearlong training program, which launched in 2017 and is gearing up to begin its second year.

Supporting Tomorrow’s Tourism Leaders2018-04-16T05:50:43-06:00

Q&A with Keystone’s Julie Shapiro

Julie Shapiro has worked for 15 years in the environmental and natural resources field as a facilitator, mediator, and educator. At Keystone Policy Center, Shapiro has led a diverse array of projects, including the Honey Bee Health Coalition and Keystone’s work around CRISPR and other emerging genetic technologies.

Q&A with Keystone’s Julie Shapiro2018-02-27T11:19:19-07:00

Keystone Energy Board Members Work to Rebuild a Resilient Grid in Puerto Rico

Keystone Energy Board member organizations Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), CPS Energy, and Navigant, along with other mainland energy utilities, associations, government agencies, consultants, elected officials, and other leaders, are supporting the efforts to rebuild the island’s electric system.

Keystone Energy Board Members Work to Rebuild a Resilient Grid in Puerto Rico2018-02-22T07:43:08-07:00

Keystone Welcomes Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Robert Kenney as New Trustee

Christine Scanlan, president and CEO of the Keystone Policy Center, welcomed Robert Kenney as the newest member of the organization’s Board of Trustees. Scanlan said Kenney’s experiences and perspectives as the Vice President for CPUC Regulatory Relations at Pacific Gas and Electric Company will provide Keystone with essential guidance as it works to inspire leaders to rise above entrenched positions to reach common higher ground.

Keystone Welcomes Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Robert Kenney as New Trustee2018-02-08T06:48:07-07:00

Q&A with Keystone’s Christine Scanlan

Christine Scanlan is Keystone Policy Center’s President and CEO — a position she has held since July 2013. Keystone has thrived under Christine’s leadership, fundamentally reshaping critical public policy debates and dialogues on issues like education policy, public health, emerging genetic technologies, and climate change.

Q&A with Keystone’s Christine Scanlan2018-01-19T12:24:11-07:00