Services We Provide

The Keystone Center offers the following customized services:

  • Keystone Dialogues – identifying policy questions ripe for deliberation, framing the questions, bringing stakeholders together, and helping them build a consensus that will lead to results.
  • Facilitation and Mediation – bringing parties together to solve problems, reach agreements, make plans or resolve conflicts.
  • Public Participation and Stakeholder Engagement – designing and executing public meetings to gather input, share information or announce agency decisions.
  • Joint Fact-Finding – helping stakeholders frame technical and scientific questions; explore questions of bias, credibility, and neutrality; and apply information to policy questions.Advisory Boards – helping companies, non-profit organizations, and agencies bring allies and former adversaries into dialogue that improves operations and creates new partnerships.
  • Training and Leadership Development – transferring our skills in consensus building, negotiation, and mediation to students and today's agency, corporate, and community leaders.

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For more information about our services or processes, contact Sue Wilcox.