In an era where health policy issues are highly complex and divisive, we’ve maintained our commitment to working with a broad array of stakeholders to develop collaborative solutions to tough policy challenges.

Our work spans topics including medicine, healthcare, food and nutrition, workplace safety and health, environmental health, and chronic and infectious diseases.

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Affordable Care Act in Colorado

Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework

Colorado Community Healthcare Needs

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Featured Health Projects

Affordable Care Act in Colorado

Keystone worked with County Commissioners and key staff of Summit and Eagle counties in the state of Colorado to address the impacts of the changes in geographic rating under the Affordable Care Act. In February 2014, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a study that found Garfield, Eagle, Pitkin and Summit counties had the highest health care premiums in the country. Keystone worked with the Division of Insurance, county commissioners, key business leaders, hospitals, and other community leaders to consolidate the higher health cost regions into larger rating areas to spread the risks and the costs of providing health care more equitably over a larger population. Keystone provided policy and strategy recommendations, interviewed health care leaders and experts to facilitate a solution that improved outcomes for these communities.

For more information, contact Lorez Meinhold

CO Community Health Care Needs

In partnership with Tri-County Health Network and their partners in the counties of San Miguel, Ouray, and West Montrose; The Keystone Center designed a three part process to determine the current health care issues and needs in communities across the region as well as help create a plan to target resources and funding to meet the identified community needs. Keystone identified and analyzed data received from English and Spanish surveys, interviews and other health assessments and developed materials for each community around specific health needs determined through the process.

See below for survey results from San Miguel County. Other surveys and materials are available on request.

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For more information, contact Lorez Meinhold