The challenge of meeting our growing energy needs in a sustainable way will require creative and collaborative thinking. How we use, produce, and deliver energy services in the future will be determined by a complex web of policies and politics, technologies, economics, and environmental trade-offs.

Our energy practice uses collaborative processes to engage stakeholders to achieve a better understanding of the impacts of energy supply, demand, and infrastructure decisions; support development of energy and climate policy through scientifically-informed dialogue; and map pathways that support the transition of innovative energy technologies to successful commercialization.

For more information about the energy program, please contact Judy O'Brien.

Featured Energy Projects

Colorado Oil & Gas Task Force

Governor Hickenlooper’s Oil and Gas Task Force completed its six-month process with a series of votes resulting in nine recommendations sent to the Governor in a final report on February 27, 2015. Read the announcement here.

Keystone Energy Board

CFL bulbThe Keystone Energy Board is a long-standing forum for representatives across the energy sector to learn about and discuss current energy issues and examine the linkages among energy, environmental and economic policies.