The challenge of meeting our growing energy needs in a sustainable way will require creative and collaborative thinking. How we use, produce, and deliver energy services in the future will be determined by a complex web of policies and politics, technologies, economics, and environmental trade-offs.

Our energy practice uses collaborative processes to engage stakeholders to achieve a better understanding of the impacts of energy supply, demand, and infrastructure decisions; support development of energy and climate policy through scientifically-informed dialogue; and map pathways that support the transition of innovative energy technologies to successful commercialization.

For more information about the energy program, please contact Judy O'Brien.

Featured Energy Projects

Advancing Energy Innovation

The Keystone Center's project, Advancing Energy Innovation Regional Dialogues, is based on the recognition that consumers across all end-use sectors are demanding more efficient and reliable energy delivery, greater control over their energy use, better public policies that address extreme weather and its effect on their homes, families, and businesses, and more cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services.

Electric power providers are being encouraged – and in some states required – to respond to these demands by providing new services and product offerings both directly to customers and to support the electric grid, sometimes with negative consequences for both providers and consumers.

With the collaborative support of advisors across the energy policy and technology spectrum, and with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Advancing Energy Innovation Regional Dialogues will foster discussion on these issues at the state and regional level in a neutral environment so that participants can both learn from others as well as begin to design collaborative win-win strategies that encourage innovation, productivity, and competition, while ensuring that customer and supplier benefits and risks are appropriately balanced and shared.

This project is not about choosing marketing strategies in support of specific energy technologies in a particular state or region, but rather about identifying institutional/policy frameworks and business practices that can best support energy products and services that are β€œon the cusp,”  ready to launch. Products and services that we expect will be discussed could include more robust telecommunications systems for enhanced demand response; rooftop solar systems that can provide grid-support electricity; distributed generation in commercial, industrial, and institutional environments; electric and hybrid vehicles; smart grid technologies and systems; and more cost effective and customer friendly energy efficiency products and services.

For more information, contact Judy O'Brien.

Keystone Energy Board

CFL bulbThe Keystone Energy Board is a long-standing forum for representatives across the energy sector to learn about and discuss current energy issues and examine the linkages among energy, environmental and economic policies.