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Keystone Leadership Awards — Past Recipients

Since 1994, the Keystone Policy Center has proudly honored exemplary leaders and decision-makers who embody Keystone’s mission in action. Honorees are selected for their leadership, vision, outstanding problem-solving skills, and efforts to seek collaborative solutions to challenging issues.

The awards are presented annually at a dinner ceremony in Washington, D.C., attended by prominent leaders from industry, government, and the NGO community.


  • The Hon. John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana
  • Paula Gold-Williams, President and CEO of CPS Energy
  • Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News
  • Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute


  • U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.
  • Kees Kruythoff, President, Unilever North America
  • Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO, ComEd
  • Mark Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy
  • Chris Wallace, Anchor, Fox News Sunday

Prior to 2017, Keystone honored its awardees based on their sector or area of accomplishment.

Leadership in Government Award

1994      Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary
1995      Senator Pete V. Domenici
1996      Mayor Norman Rice
1997      Senator John Chafee
1998      Senator John Glenn
1999      Congressman Sherwood Boehlert
2000     Congressman John D. Dingell
2001      Congressman Henry Waxman
2002     Senator Richard Lugar
2003     Congressman James L. Oberstar
2004     Senator Daniel K. Inouye
2005     Congresswoman Nancy Johnson
2006     Senator Christopher Dodd
2007     Senator Olympia Snowe
2008     Governor Martin O’Malley
2009     Senator Mark Udall
2010      Senator John McCain
2011      Administrator Lisa Jackson, U.S. EPA
2012      Senator Lisa Murkowski
2013      Senator Michael Bennet
2014      Senator Rob Portman
2015      Governor Jack Markell
2016      Senator Kelly Ayotte

Leadership in Environment Award

1994      Gustave Speth, U.N. Development Programme a Administrator
1995      Professor Florence Taylor Robinson
1996      John Sawhill, The Nature Conservancy
1997      Mildred McClain, Citizens for Environmental Justice
1998      Kathryn S. Fuller, World Wildlife Fund
1999      Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund
2000     George Archibald, International Crane Foundation
2001      Patrick F. Noonan, The Conservation Fund
2002     Russell E. Train, World Wildlife Fund
2003      Teresa Heinz Kerry, Heinz Family Philanthropies
2004      Jonathan Lash, World Resources Institute
2005      Anne H. Ehrlich, Stanford University
2006      John H. Adams, Natural Resources Defense Council
2007      Peter A. Seligmann, Conservation International
2008      Paul W. Hansen, The Nature Conservancy
2009      David Rockefeller, Sailors for the Sea
2010      Robert Socolow, Princeton University
2011      Christine Eibs-Singer, E + Co
2012      Marilyn Black, Air Quality Sciences, Inc. &  GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
2013      Arne Sorenson, Marriott International
2014      Muhtar Kent, The Coca-Cola Company
2015      Cargill, Greenpeace and McDonald’s
2016      Wildlife Habitat Council, General Motors and Toyota

Leadership in Industry Award

1994      Frank Popoff, Dow Chemical
1995      H. Laurance Fuller, Amoco Corporation
1996      Edgar S. Woolard, DuPont
1997      Bob Burt, FMC Corporation
1998      John F. Smith, Jr., General Motors Corporation
1999      Sidney Taurel, Eli Lilly & Company
2000      Responsible Care Initiative of the Chemical Manufacturers Association
2001      Archie Dunham, Conoco
2002      Marilyn Ware, American Water Works
2003      Thomas C. Jorling, International Paper
2004      Ralph Peterson, CH2M HILL Companies
2005      James E. Rogers, Cinergy
2006      Peter A. Darbee, PG&E Corporation
2007      John Hofmeister, Shell Oil Company
2008      Jeffry Sterba, PNM Resources
2009      Hugh Grant, Monsanto
2010      Michael T. Duke, Walmart
2011      John W. Rowe, Exelon

Leadership in Energy Award

2012      Louis R. Chênevert, United Technologies
2013      Sandy Reisky de Dubnic, Apex Wind Energy
2014      Tom King, National Grid
2015      Doyle Beneby, CPS Energy
2016      The 51st State, an Initiative of the Smart Electric Power Alliance,

Leadership in Health Award

2012      Drew Altman, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
2013      Paul Hudson, AstraZeneca
2014      Jennifer Howse, March of Dimes

Leadership in Education Award

1998      Donald Kennedy, Stanford University
2000      Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences
2001      Helge Wehmeier, Bayer USA
2002      Daniel Ritchie, University of Denver
2005      Jane Nelson, Harvard University
2006      Rodger Bybee, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
2007      Carlo Parravano, Merck Institute for Science Education
2008      Gerald Wheeler, National Science Teachers Association
2010      Terrance Carroll, Speaker of the House (Colorado)
2011      Joel I. Klein, News Corporation
2015      Ariela Rozman, The New Teacher Project

Spirit of Keystone Award

1996      Congressman William J. Tauzin
1998      Stephan Schmidheiny, ANOVA Holding Ag
1999      John Brown, BP Amoco Corporation
2001      Edward M. Gabriel, former Ambassador to Morocco
2002      Paul V. Tebo, DuPont
2003      William K. Reilly, Aqua International Partners
2005      Nicholas L. Reding
2006      Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas
2008      Jim Lehrer, PBS
2009      George Stephanopoulos, ABC News
2010      Gwen Ifill, Washington Week
2014      Anthony Malkin, Empire State Realty Trust
2015      Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz
2016      John Echohawk, the Native American Rights Fund

Founder’s Award

2011      Clinton A. Vince, SNR Denton
2012      Robert N. Downey, Goldman Sachs
2016      Ken Powell, General Mills

Leadership in Public Interest

2015      Chuck Todd, NBC’s Meet the Press
2016      Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour