Millie Hamner
Millie HamnerSenior Policy Director


Millie joined Keystone after serving as a Colorado state representative from 2011-2018. During this time period, she earned statewide respect for her bipartisan chairmanship of the House Education Committee and the Joint Budget Committee. As one of the prime sponsors of the original READ Act in 2012 and, as a leader in the implementation of the education vision work with the ELC in 2017, Millie is uniquely poised to provide leadership for the next steps of these critical efforts. Millie’s work in public education in Colorado from 1978-2011 as a teacher, school and district leader, and superintendent of schools provides the experiential background needed to engage communities and stakeholders in the development of a world-class education system. Millie earned a doctorate in education leadership from the University of Denver in 1996. She also holds an M.A. and a B.S. in Elementary Education.